July 2012

Posted on 01st January 1970 at 12:00am

Installing barbed fittings

Barbed fittings are designed for use with low pressure pipe, such as drip watering systems. The barbed fittings are low cost and can neatly be installed inside the pipe using hot water.

Before fitting barbed connections ensure that the pressures used in the system will be below 4.0 bar (drip systems usually operate at around 1 bar) and are only designed for above-ground installations. Barbed fittings can only be used with soft walled above ground pipe - generally this is soft enough to distort when squeezed hard.

Green Walls improve air quaility by up to 60%

According to a study by Lancaster University, the addition of green walls in city environments could reduce the amount of particulate matter (PM) by 60% and the amount of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) by 40%.

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Last hosepipe bans lifted

The last remaining hosepipe bans have now been lifted, allowing unrestricted irrigation once again.

One lesson from these restrictions has been the importance of planning ahead. Those clients who had efficient drip irrigation systems installed were able to continue to water, despite the bans.

For sports clubs, the watering restrictions under the new legislation came as a bit of a shock. Now is the time to start looking at capturing and storing rainwater from club roofs to ensure continuity of supply in future.

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