Irrigation Water Conditioning

Irrigation water conditioning

 Access provide various water conditioning systems to alter iron levels, pH levels and NPK levels in water supplies used for irrigation.

Iron removal

Borehole water often has high levels of iron suspended in it, causing unsightly stains and blocking drip irrigation nozzles. Access can supply cyclone array units which include a dosing system for the oxidising agent (e.g. sodium hypochlorite), and a hydrocyclone to assist as a mixer. For high iron levels in water, the conditioning system will also include a Soliquator for primary sedimentation after flocculation.

To specify a unit suitable for an individual bore hole, please email our sales department with the flow rate and the iron level present in the water.

Acid Injection

High levels of calcium in the irrigation water supply can lead to blocked nozzles and pipe & unsightly marks on the plants' leaves, and can reduce the uptake of nutrients. By adding Nitric acid into the water stream, the pH can be increased, reducing the hardness of the water and converting the acid into beneficial nitrates.

The water conditioning system will handle 60% Nitric Acid, reducing handling issues and can control pH levels to 5.6 with the standard mix tank.

The Heron acid injection rig provides sophisticated control over pH levels, with alarm systems to prevent over or under dosing.

NPK control

These sophisticated Heron injection rigs allow for multiple fertiliser mix recipes, a wide range of flow rates and the combination of acid and fertiliser injection in one unit. Multiple alarm conditions can be built into each system.


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