Bowling Green Irrigation

Bowling Green Irrigation

Bowling green irrigation systems ensure that the playing surface can be maintained to the highest standards. Irrigation can be both automatic and weather sensitive. 

Automatic bowling green watering systems

Bowling greens are generally watered using 4 large radius pop-up sprinklers located halfway down each side of the green. A ring of pipe surrounds the green and is connected back to the pump. Due to the high volume of water and pressure needed, bowling green watering systems must be run from a high capacity pump, with a water storage tank to hold a buffer of water. After irrigation, this tank is refilled from the water mains.

Bowling green sprinklerThe system is typically designed to operate early each morning when evaporation is minimal, ensuring that play can commence on time.

To minimise water waste, you can also add environmental controls to your bowling green irrigation system. These controls can either consist of a rain sensor, or, for larger, more sophisticated systems, you can add a mini weather station, which will monitor the evapo-transpiration of the green.

And you can choose to supply the water storage tank with rainwater from nearby buildings, which reduces the operating costs of the system.

Temporary bowling green irrigation systems

Bowling Green Irrigation GuideIf cost is a big factor, a series of moveable sprinklers can be run off a standpipe, providing it has a good water supply. If the bowling green is divided into 5 sections, each 8m wide and the width of the green a line of five sprinklers, this can be watered from a standpipe.

You will need to move these irrigation sprinklers progressively across the bowling green - generally the sprinklers will be run for 2-3 hours to place a week's water (20mm) on each strip before the sprinkler is moved. For convenience, the sprinklers can be placed on the green in the evening, then an irrigation timer will operate the irrigation during the early hours of the morning.

On greens where the water supply is very good, 8 sprinklers can be arranged in two rows of 4 and connected to a two zone timer. This will then water ½ of the bowling green each night.

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