Cricket Pitch Watering

Temporary cricket pitch watering

In very dry weather it is difficult to ensure that the cricket square and outfield recover from the damage caused by frequent matches. Temporary or permanently installed cricket pitch irrigation systems can promote re-growth.

Permanent cricket pitch watering systems

 Permanent cricket irrigation systems consist of underground pipes bringing water to pop-up sports sprinklers located in the playing surface of the cricket pitch. These can be designed to water just the cricket square or the entire outfield.

Water is normally supplied from a break tank and pump unit. If this is located near to a roof structure, recycled rainwater can be used – keeping the watering costs down.

Temporary cricket pitch irrigation systems

For temporary cricket pitch watering systems, sprinklers on risers can be used. A set of 6 sprinklers will water a strip 8m wide and 30m long. These are placed out on the square and left for a number of hours, then moved along the square. Generally 2-3 hours watering will add one weeks water (20mm) on each strip.

If the pressure and flows are good, water may be supplied from a standpipe. For poorer quality supplies, water can be supplied from a water storage tank and pump unit.



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