New sports pitch watering solutions

Posted on 07th February 2019 at 10:13am

Reel irrigator for sports pitches

Keeping football and rugby pitches in good condition is vital, and last year's dry weather demonstrated to need for an efficient irrigation system. A dry, cracked pitch becomes a heath and safety concern.

With irrigation a little and often approach is important - once the pitch has dried out it is very difficult to get it back into shape. Pitches also need a lot of water - to replace the evapotranspiration losses of just one week's hot, dry weather requires 160 tonnes of water. Only an irrigation system can provide this amount of water onto a pitch.

Access Irrigation have designed two watering solutions, providing water for one pitch or two pitches. Each system includes the storage tank, an industrial quality pump, underground supply pipe to a hydrant and either a travelling sprinkler or a reel irrigator. The systems can be installed with intermediate level DIY skills and require a concrete base for the tank and trenches removing for the pipe runs.

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