Hanging Basket Starter Kits

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Watering kit for unobtrusively watering hanging baskets and planters. Available in various kit sizes.

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The 10 and 25 dripper kit contains professional quality drippers and ultra slim (5.5mm OD) black pipe for unobtrusive installation. The larger 100 dripper kit is designed for higher flows and uses 16mm pipe.

Smaller Kits available in packs of 10 or 25 (to water up to 10 or 25 baskets).

Includes: drippers (10 or 25), stakes (10 or 25), pipe clips (25 or 100), pipe (20m or 40m, branching tee, fittings, tap connector and filter.

For an indication of how many drippers you can run using small bore pipe, refer to the table above. Figures assume a 4.0 bar inlet pressure.

Larger Kits available in 100

100 dripper kit includes: 100 drippers that punch directly into the 16mm pipe, 100 stakes, 100m 16m supply pipe, 80m dripper pipe (from dripper to stake), 100 barbed connectors, punch, pipe clips, tap connectors and mixed fittings.

Drip watering systems can normally be used during a hosepipe ban, provided they are operated by a timer.

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