Aquada Proxima UV Light

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Aquada Proxima UV disinfection system

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Where water particles can be inhaled, or where water quality is not to the required standard, UV disinfection inactivates potentially harmful micro-organisms by altering their DNA structure. The system is very economical and does not produce any chemical by-products. A 5 micron sediment pre-filter is required and lamps must be changed every 12 months. Sediment cartridge life will depend on the volume of particles in the water.

Proxima 2 - Max Flow: 1.85m3/hr  Power:  55 watts  Connection: 3/4" M
Proxima 4 - Max Flow: 3.24m3/hr  Power:  55 watts  Connection: 3/4" M
Proxima 7 - Max Flow: 6.7m3/hr  Power:  85 watts  Connection: 1" M

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