Horticultural Irrigation

Nursery and Garden Centre GuideLabour costs continue to rise and watering by hand is very time consuming. By investing in an automatic watering system, costs are reduced and plants benefit from regular, even watering. A horticultural irrigation system can also allow other water sources such as bore-holes, wells and rain water harvesting to be utilised.

With over 50 years experience in horticultural irrigation, Access provide advice and information as to the best methods of irrigating, as well as fully costed designs and drawings.

Our expertise covers all areas of horticultural irrigation, including garden centre irrigation, nursery irrigation and field irrigation.

Nursery Irrigation

Automation is the key to producing consistently high grade crops profitably. A well designed, fully automatic irrigation system can help you achieve t...

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Glasshouse Irrigation

Glasshouses and polythene tunnels need to have efficient irrigation to maximise crop value. The Access range of sprinklers for glasshouse irrigation b...

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Garden Centre Irrigation

Watering garden centre stock is always a problem, especially as consumers will reject any specimen which looks unhealthy.Hand watering is not only ver...

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Rainwater Recycling for Horticulture

Even during the summer months, a surprising amount of water falls from the sky, providing a free resource that is unaffected by hosepipe bans or droug...

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Irrigation Water Conditioning

 Access provide various water conditioning systems to alter iron levels, pH levels and NPK levels in water supplies used for irrigation.Iron remo...

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Hand Watering Costs

Because the cost of hand watering is hidden within the wages bill, many people do not appreciate how much it costs to hand water garden centre & n...

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