Rainwater Filters

Rainwater harvesting systems require a comprehensive filtration system to prevent the water storage tanks from being clogged with debris which can contaminate the water. Unfiltered water can breed disease pathogens and allow the tank to be filled with debris such as leaves. Tank cleaning, especially for underground tanks, is expensive and time consuming.

Rainwater is normally filtered before entry using mesh type filters and water usually enters the tank via a 'calmed inlet' which avoids disturbing the bottom layer of very fine sediment which will very slowly build up over the years (approx 1mm per annum). Overflows from the tank normally incorporate a 'skimmer' which will remove pollen and very small, light items which float to the water's surface.

Access Irrigation are able to provide advice on the most suitable rainwater filters for rainwater harvesting tanks and can arrange for the filters to be delivered direct to your premises.

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