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Garden Watering

If an Englishman’s home is his castle, his garden is the jewel in his crown; so make sure that they are looking their best whatever the weather.

Many garden watering systems are put together with little experience and a lot of hope. However, with 50 years experience in the UK irrigation industry, Access have the expertise to provide automatic garden watering systems, ensuring that each area of the garden receives the water it needs.

Our automatic garden watering systems deliver water to lawns, borders, hanging baskets and planters, saving time, money and water. The watering systems can also be timed to deliver the water at the best time of day.

We can provide advice to the householder or the landscaper and, using scale drawings, we can supply accurate designs and costs.

We provide 3 levels of service – fully bespoke irrigation design, where we work with the garden designer and landscaper to design an irrigation system unique to your property – the watering system can then be installed by the landscaper; package based design, where we use a plan of the garden to design a watering system tailored to your needs, but using more standard packages; and DIY watering kits which allow you to design an irrigation system using packages available on our website.

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Lawn Watering

A neatly trimmed, lush green lawn provides a canvas around which the textures and colours of the border planting are...
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Border Watering

Drip irrigation is an ideal border watering system since it is unobtrusive and highly water efficient. Mini sprinklers can also be used...
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Planter and Basket Watering

Automating planter & hanging basket irrigation not only saves you hours of time, but makes your floral displays brighter and longer lasting....
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Hedge and Tree Watering

Hedges and newly planted trees benefit greatly from irrigation, as it speeds up establishment and reduces specimen losses. As both...
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Garden Watering Control

A wide range of irrigation control systems allow you to have precise and automated control over your garden watering. At the heart of...
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Garden Watering Installation

Professional guidance during installation of a garden irrigation system ensures concepts turn into reality – reliably. Access Irrigation work closely with your...
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