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Garden Centre Irrigation

Watering garden centre stock is always a problem, especially as consumers will reject any specimen which looks unhealthy.

Hand watering is not only very expensive, but in untrained hands a hose pipe can do more damage than good.

A well designed garden centre irrigation system, by contrast, offers control of not just the watering, but also the costs.

Garden Centre Watering Options

Access Irrigation Ltd have considerable experience in designing garden centre watering systems. We work closely with you to determine the system that’s best for your centre. For example, if you have a lot of permanent layouts, mini-sprinklers can be mounted on the benches, giving gentle, localised irrigation. Or, if you change bed layouts regularly, we can install high quality sectoring sprinklers to cover the whole area with water.

Garden Centre Irrigation Control

We’ll also install automatic irrigation controllers to increase watering in dry spells or override watering cycles in wet weather. These also allow you the opportunity to water your stock at night when it is cool and no-one is about.

As every garden centre is different, Access offer an irrigation design and consultation service in conjunction with you or your garden centre designer. This is backed up by a range of installation options.

Alternatively, for smaller projects, we produce a nursery and garden centre irrigation guide, which gives design ideas for various garden centre and nursery projects.