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Rainwater Storage

Water is a precious resource and, as pressures on drinking water supplies increase, it makes sense to use rainwater for irrigation systems where possible. Irrigation from rainwater cannot be restricted during hosepipe bans or by drought orders.

In the UK, even during the summer months, a surprising amount of water falls from the sky. Rather than let this go to waste, why not harvest it, and use it for watering on drier days?.

Access Irrigation are able to provide rainwater storage systems advice for:

• Commercial buildings
• Private homes
• Garden centres
• Nurseries.

The requirements for rainwater harvesting for irrigation are different to standard rainwater harvesting needs, in that irrigation demand peaks during the drier weather.

To ensure the storage tank is specified correctly, we have developed a computer-based estimation system that can predict how economic rainwater harvesting will be for you. This system takes into account the area to be watered, catchment area and average rainfalls in the geographical location.

As well as providing above ground and below ground rainwater storage tanks, Access provide:

• pre-storage filtration systems
• final filtration including disc filtration
• UV and slow sand filtration
• pumping systems (including submersible pumps and packaged booster pump options)
• mains fill systems to provide additional water during dry spells

We also produce a comprehensive guide to rainwater storage systems, which outlines what you need to consider when installing or specifying a rainwater harvesting system for use with irrigation.