Installing Barbed Fittings

July 27, 2012 5:05 pm

Barbed fittings are designed for use with low pressure pipe, such as drip watering systems. The barbed fittings are low cost and can neatly be installed inside the pipe using hot water.

Before fitting barbed connections ensure that the pressures used in the system will be below 4.0 bar (drip systems usually operate at around 1 bar) and are only designed for above-ground installations. Barbed fittings can only be used with soft walled above ground pipe – generally this is soft enough to distort when squeezed hard.

To fit the barbed connectors use hot water (being careful not to scald yourself). Dip the pipe end into the hot water for 5 seconds or so to soften it. The push onto the barbs in an up-and-down motion until the pipe has gone over all the barbs.

The video below demonstrates the best way of installing the fittings into the pipes.


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