Hanging Basket and Patio Pot Kits

Hanging baskets are amongst the most beautiful additions you can make to the exterior to any property. Pots and planters on a patio soften the hard landscaping. However, it can take a lot of time and effort to ensure that they are effectively irrigated.

If you have multiple hanging baskets, or if your hanging baskets are positioned in awkward and hard to reach places, the process of irrigation soon becomes a lengthy and exhausting process. Pots on a patio also quickly dry out.
Drip watering systems can normally be used during a hosepipe ban, provided they are operated by a timer.

Our Range of Hanging Basket and Patio Pot Kits
At Access Irrigation, we stock a range of hanging basket and Patio Pot kits to give you an efficient, cost-effective and automated hanging basket irrigation solution. Our range will save you time, energy and effort; whilst also greatly reducing the amount of water used.

Our hanging basket starter kit contains professional quality drippers, and an ultra slim black pipes for easy and unobtrusive installation. The pack includes all the drippers, stakes, pipe clips, fittings, connectors and filters you’ll need. These starter hanging basket kits are available in two sizes, giving you the capabilities of watering up to 10 or 25 hanging baskets.

Ultimate Hanging Basket Irrigation Equipment
For the ultimate in hanging basket and patio pot irrigation equipment, consider our hanging basket contractor pack, which features absolutely everything you need to get started in one neat, convenient and reusable container. Amongst the included equipment you will find 100 drippers, 100 stakes, 100mm of supply pipe, 60m of dripper pipe, 200 pipe clips, 30 branching tees, 20 straight connectors, 100 stop ends and 10 tap connectors.

Should you ever require spare parts for your hanging basket kits, we also stock extra drippers and extra pipe kits in two sizes.
We offer free deliveries on all orders over £100*. Most of our hanging basket kits will be delivered in 3-5 days, though we also have a 24 hour Priority Dispatch service should you require your components in a hurry.

For more information on our hanging basket kits, give us a call on 01788 823 811.
* Mainland England, Wales, and Southern Scotland only.