Landscape Watering Kits

Our landscape watering kits are each designed to fulfil a highly specific function, though all serve to provide you with an efficient, cost-effective and water-saving solution to your irrigation needs. Whether you wish to water large expanses of lawn, or set up a more controlled drip irrigation system for your borders, here you will find everything you need.

Our best-selling lawn watering kit includes a 25m pipe, a tap connector, fittings, and three pop-up sprinklers with interchangeable nozzles. These sprinklers have a radius that can be adjusted between 4.9m – 9.1m.

Our Range of Lawn Watering Kits
If you have less permanent lawn watering requirements, such as establishing newly planted seeds or watering cricket squares and sport pitches, we also have a temporary lawn watering kit. The package includes a 25m hose, a tap connector and three risers, each with a sprinkler that covers a 10m diameter. The risers can be moved, helping you to water as large an area as is required.

We also offer a range of solutions for watering your borders. If you require an impact irrigation solution, we have two sizes of border watering kits. The standard kit includes 10 sprinkler rises, a 50m pipe, a tap connector, fittings, 10 large sprinklers, 10 medium sprinklers and 10 half circle nozzles; with a choice of nozzles to suit the width of your border. If you feel that this equipment would be surplus to your requirements, we also have a Small Border Sprinkler Watering Kit.

Or perhaps you would prefer a Drip irrigation line for your borders? Drip irrigation uses exactly the amount of water that is required; and through directly targeting the part of the plant that needs the water the most, this method saves on both water and fertiliser. We have both small and large border drip irrigation kits. The small kit can cover a border of up to 15m2, whilst the larger kit can cover a border of up to 60m2.

To give you even greater value for money, bulk prices are available on some products, and we offer free deliveries on all orders over £100*. Most of our lawn watering kits will be delivered in 3-5 days, though we also have a 24 hour Priority Dispatch service.

For more information on our landscape watering kits, give us a call on 01788 823 811.
* Mainland England, Wales, and Southern Scotland only.