Sports Pitch Watering

Reel irrigators and travelling sprinklers are designed to water large areas such as football or rugby pitches. The units are available on their own or as part of a watering package. Due to the high flows and pressures required, generally these units cannot be run directly off the mains water supply even if the pressure and flow is very good. For both systems a large water storage tank is required and also a powerful pump to pressurise the water to drive the equipment.

With a reel irrigator the hose is unwound manually and then rewound slowly into a drum; on a travelling sprinkler the wire is manually unwound and the sprinkler itself is pulled down the pitch on the steel wire.

Sports pitch watering packages enable a football or rugby pitch to we watered in two or three passes (generally overnight) and consist of the sprinkler system, underground pipe to the pitch and a suitable pump and water storage tank. The packages allow regular watering to take place, ensuring the pitch is playable even in dry conditions. In Summer a 110m x 70m pitch requires 23,000 litres (23 tonnes) of water per day.