Hunter Pro-spray Pop up Sprinkler (Body only)

From £2.30

Hunter pop-up sprinkler body for small lawns areas
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This rugged spray sprinkler is ideal for watering small areas and is designed for use with the Hunter MP rotator sprinkler nozzles (nozzles not included).

Standard Pro-spray body (KHPPR) is designed for general domestic use.

The heavy duty PRS-40 model (KHPPH) has a heavy duty spring, a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and is pressure regulated to 2.8 bar.

The 12″ body (KHPPR-12) is designed for shrub and flower beds where the extra height allows the spray to be thrown over the plants. A threaded plug allows the inlet to either be in the base or in the side, reducing the pipe depth.

As these sprinklers need a higher pressure, they are often used with a pump and tank set

1/2″ BSPF thread.

BULK PRICES – available on 10 sprinklers



Product Options
Code Quantity Price (Ex Vat) Quantity Buy
KHPPR Single Standard £2.30
KHPPR BULK Qty 10 (Standard) £19.55
KHPPH Single (Heavy Duty) £9.70
KHPPH BULK Qty 10 (Heavy Duty) £82.45
KHPPR-12 Single (12" standard) £15.00