Battery Underground Valves

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Valve box with battery operated valves to provide automated irrigation for up to 4 separate zones.
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For a neat installation in the garden, the control valves and the battery controller can be buried under the lawn or in a border, keeping all of the pipework out of sight.

A pressurised water supply is required to the valve box. The solenoid valves are suitable for battery operated controlers using 9v latching valves (CONTROLLER NOT INCLUDED).

To programme the controller the lid can be lifted and the controller removed. Rain sensor input.

Valve box dimensions 38cm x 25cm (lid) x 30cm high. Water Regulations stipulate that for above ground drip or sprinkler systems in domestic gardens, the irrigation system must be protected by a DB valve. The master valve kit provides the DB valve, master solenoid valve and riser pipe.

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