Cat 5 Pump and Tank Set

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Break tank and pump to provide category 5 protection to comply with Water Regulations
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The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 require irrigation systems in non-domestic settings to be separated from the incoming mains water supply using category 5 back-flow prevention.

The Access Cat 5 Pump and Tank Set provides compliance in a compact unit and can be configured to accept a number of different Lowara BGM pump units. The pump unit has an auto-start feature, so the pump will operate as soon as it detects a pressure drop in the system, for example opening a tap or solenoid valve.

Category 5 backflow is achieved using an approved Type AB air gap. As part of the specification for type AB air gaps, any overflow water must flow freely through the weirs in the tank. This must be taken into consideration when siting the unit.

Dimensions: 610mm x 650mm x 830mm high. Tank capacity: 91 litres

Inlet: 1/2″ BSPM Outlet: 1″ BSPM

Max Inlet flow: 1,400 l/h (achievable inlet flow is dependent on available incoming water flow and pressure)

Pump outputs at 3 bar:

BGM3/A    0.6 m3/hr

BGM7/A    2.6 m3/hr

BGM11/A  4.2m3/hr

For Mist Propagation, we can supply model EPTS-PV which has a pressure vessel and pressure switch. This reduces the load on the pump from the frequent starts and stops of mist prop systems.

Product Options
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EPTS-C5 + EP1BG03 BGM3/A £1,441.00
EPTS-C5 + EP1BG07 BGM7/A £1,495.00
EPTS-C5 + EP1BG11 BGM11/A £1,591.00
EPTS-PV + EP1BG07 BGM7/A £1,674.00