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The Underground Tank Mains Fill kit adds water to underground rainwater harvesting kits when the water levels get low.

Rainwater storage tanks save using mains water for irrigation systems, but when the rainwater tank runs out of water, the tank needs to be partially refilled from the public mains. However, the UK Water Regulations prevent the direct connection of the mains water supply to the underground tank. This is to prevent contamination of the water supply and inadvertent wastage of water below ground. The regulations also require the notification of the Water Company if the mains plumbing is used to supply water to the underground tank.

A category 5 break is required and a warning system is needed when the tank level rises too high, to prevent the drinking water overflowing out of the tank in the event of a valve failure.

Water Regulation compliant kits for underground water storage tanks. Mains power required.

Underground Tank Mains Fill kit specification:

  • Transformer with overflow alarm
  • Low water float switch to trigger mains fill operation
  • High level float switch to trigger the alarm if the water level in the tank is likely to overflow
  • Air gap compliance kit for category 5 contaminated water
  • 1″ solenoid valve.


Underground Tank Mains Fill

Mains fill system for rainwater storage tanks below ground

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