Dosmatic SuperDos 45 Injector

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High capacity Dosmatic proportional injector for flows up to 8,000 l/h

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High capacity Dosmatic proportional chemical injector unit designed to handle flows up to 8,000 l/h. Designed for constant use in industrial settings and large nurseries.

Proportional chemical injectors are powered by the flow and pressure in the water supply, eliminating the need for electrical power. As the flow of water increases, so does the amount of chemical added – ensuring the right amount of chemical or fertiliser is added every time, regardless of flow or pressure. The chemical injection ratio can easily be adjusted using the ratio guide etched on the base of the unit. 

The SuperDos 45 also features a by-pass switch, which allows the user to stop the injection of chemicals – but not the system.

Flow range: 34 – 8000 l/h (8 – 1760 gph) Injection ratio: 0.2% – 2.5% (500:1 – 40:1)

Operating Pressure: 0.34 – 6.9 bar Fittings: 1 1/4″ BSPM

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