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Aquada Proxima UV Light is ideal where water particles can be inhaled, or where water quality is not to the required standard, UV disinfection inactivates potentially harmful micro-organisms by altering their DNA structure. The system is very economical and does not produce any chemical by-products. A 5 micron sediment pre-filter is required and lamps must be changed every 12 months. Sediment cartridge life will depend on the volume of particles in the water.

Manufactured by Wedeco the Proxima range is designed for smaller residential and commercial applications, making it idea for irrigation systems.

Compact, versatile and effective UV Disinfection

The Aquada Proxima UV Light has extremely simple handling, low investment and operating costs, and various uses in household, leisure and industry make the Aquada the ideal introductory model in environmentally-friendly UV disinfection.

The Aquada UV system is suitable everywhere that drinking water is taken from its own sources or where the quality from public networks insufficiently meets the desired needs. Moreover, it is used in residential treatment plants for water disinfection, as well as in schools, restaurants, campgrounds, cottages, businesses, hotels, hospitals, yachts, private swimming pools, fountains, water attractions, RVs, and more. It is ideal where mist irrigation sprays are in contact with the public or members of staff.

The Aquada’s centrally arranged low-pressure lamp in the high-grade steel chamber ensures that the appropriate UV dose is delivered for effective disinfection. The power supply developed for the Aquada makes operation possible in all networks worldwide. Both the power supply and UV control device ensure optimal and smooth operation.

Aquada UV systems can be integrated into existing water pipeline systems with minimal effort. The UV lamps used can be operated for at least one year, are easily replaced, and both the lamps and quartz sleeves can be assembled and disassembled without tools.

The Aquada UV system uses as much energy as a standard bulb (35 to 85 watts).

Proxima 2 – Max Flow: 1.85m3/hr  Power:  55 watts  Connection: 3/4″ M
Proxima 4 – Max Flow: 3.24m3/hr  Power:  55 watts  Connection: 3/4″ M
Proxima 7 – Max Flow: 6.7m3/hr  Power:  85 watts  Connection: 1″ M

Aquada Proxima UV Light

Aquada Proxima UV disinfection system

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