Plassim Compression Tee – Female Branch

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Black compression branching tee for high pressure pipework
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Compression fitting tee with female branch designed for MDPE and HDPE pipes. ‘D’ ring ensures reliable sealing. WRc approved. Black polypropylene with acetal grip ring.

Available in various sizes between 16mm and 63mm.

Product Options
Code Size Price (Ex Vat) Quantity Buy
FLT16-3F 16mm-3/4"F £2.90
FLT20-3F 20mm-3/4"F £3.30
FLT25-3F 25mm-3/4"F £4.00
FLT25-4F 25mm-1"F £4.00
FLT32-3F 32mm-3/4"F £5.50
FLT32-4F 32mm-1" F £5.50
FLT50-6F 50mm-1.5"F £15.00
FLT63-6F 63mm-1.5"F £24.00