Vibro Spin Sprinkler

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General purpose, fine mist nozzle for border and nursery use
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Self cleaning nozzle with rotating anvil for even distribution, ideal for plug plants. Uses the Eindor taper system.

Ideal pressure 2 bar. Available in packs of 10 or 100

KE060 60l/h (grey) Recc bed width – Risers 1.5m – Tunnel 1.5m

KE070 70l/h (black) Recc bed width – Risers 2.0m – Tunnel 2.5m

KE105 105l/h (blue) Recc bed width – Risers 2.5m – Tunnel 3.0m


Product Options
Code Output Quantity Price (Ex Vat) Quantity Buy
KE060-T 60l/h 10 £4.80
KE060-H 60l/h 100 £36.00
KE070-T 70l/h 10 £4.80
KE070-H 70l/h 100 £36.00
KE105-T 105l/h 10 £4.80
KE105-H 105l/h 100 £36.00