Replacement EPDM Liner for Storage Tanks

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Replacement EDPM liner for galvanised water storage tanks
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Tank liners generally have a 10 – 15 year life, after which they need to be replaced. Installation service available on request.

Product Options
Code Diameter Height Price (Ex Vat) Quantity Buy
EWTL09=2 2.7m 1.5m £399.00
EWTL09=3 2.7m 2.3m £519.00
EWTL09=4 2.7m 3.0m £756.00
EWTL12=2 3.7m 1.5m £466.00
EWTL12=3 3.7m 2.3m £594.00
EWTL12=4 3.7m 3.0m £852.00
EWTL15=2 4.6m 1.5m £634.00
EWTL15=3 4.6m 2.3m £794.00
EWTL15=4 4.6m 3.0m £1,119.00
EWTL18=2 5.5m 1.5m £819.00
EWTL18=3 5.5m 2.3m £1,014.00
EWTL18=4 5.5m 3.0m £1,414.00
EWTL21=2 6.4m 1.5m £1,029.00
EWTL24=2 6.4m 2.3m £1,249.00
EWTL21=4 6.4m 3.0m £1,719.00
EWTL21=3 7.3m 1.5m £1,254.00
EWTL24=3 7.3m 2.3m £1,509.00
EWTL24=4 7.3m 3.0m £2,059.00