Netafim CNL Dripper

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Pressure compensated CNL dripper


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Labyrinth design with maximum filtration area
Continuously self cleaning dripper
Silicon injection moulded diaphragm

Drippers are available in two operating pressures, with the HCNL having a higher shut off pressure, making them better suited to sloping sites.

LCNL operating pressure: 1.0 - 4.0 bar

HCNL operating pressure: 1.4 - 4.0 bar



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Product Options

OutputQuantityCodePrice - ex VATQtyBuy
2l/h LCNL100D2N-H£68.00
3l/h HCNL100D3N-H£56.00
4l/h LCNL25D4N-Q£17.50
4l/h LCNL100D4N-H£66.00
6l/h HCNL25D6N-Q£15.00
6l/h HCNL100D6N-H£59.00
8.5l/h LCNL25D8N-Q£18.00
8.5l/h LCNL100D8N-H£68.00
12l/h HCNL100D12N-H£57.50

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