Pop-up Lawn Sprinklers

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Pop-up lawn sprinklers provide essential irrigation for large areas of grass, saving you the considerable effort of taking to your lawns with a hose during periods of low rainfall. Manual irrigation of lawns can take many hours, and can result in an uneven distribution of water; not to mention a lot of water going to waste.



The Benefits of Pop-up Lawn Sprinklers

Through spraying in a fixed pattern for a carefully controlled amount of time, pop-up lawn sprinklers save you no small amount of time and energy. They also provide an even spread, saving water and eliminating the risk of waterlogging or overwatering.

To guarantee years of steady and reliable use, we make a point of only ever supplying professional, quality components. All of the pop-up lawn sprinklers in our range are manufactured by Hunter Industries, widely acknowledged to be the world leaders in impact irrigation technology. Hunter sprinklers are made to the most exacting of standards, and each is painstakingly designed to meet a specific set of irrigation requirements.

The Hunter Pro-Spray is supplied in body only, at a low price, and is perfect for smaller lawn areas. The Hunter PGJ Pop Up Sprinkler is better suited for medium lawn areas, whilst the Hunter PGP Ultra is perfect for large domestic lawn areas.

The Hunter I-20 Ultra is designed with large commercial grass lawns in mind, whilst the advanced and durable Hunter I-25 is suitable for large scale turf watering, including sports pitches.

We offer free deliveries on all orders over £100*, and most of our drip irrigation equipment will be delivered in 3-5 days. For urgent orders, our Priority Dispatch service uses a 24 hour driver to deliver your components as soon as possible. Bulk prices are available on all Hunter Sprinklers to give you even greater value for money.

For more information on our drip irrigation equipment, give us a call on 01788 823 811.
* Mainland England, Wales, and Southern Scotland only.