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Planted Bund Drip Irrigation

As planners and the public become more sensitive to unsightly industrial sites, irrigation can help to quickly establish bunded planting screens.

Landscaped & planted bunds are normally installed to screen unsightly operations such as quarries and warehouses. It is important to ensure that the planting is established as quickly as possible.

Drip irrigation design can be used very effectively to promote the establishment of the trees and shrubs and also counteract the natural drainage of rainwater down the slope. Not only will regular irrigation speed up the growth of the trees and the shrubs, it will cut down on costly plant losses.

For closely spaced shrubs, parallel lines of pressure compensated, non-leakage, drip lines are normally run along the slope at regular intervals. For large trees, a solid water pipe would run across the slope with tails of drip line around each tree.

On poor soils, or for faster growth, fertiliser can be added to the irrigation water using a proportional chemical injector. The irrigation control equipment can be programmed to add feed every watering or once per week.

Water can either be supplied from the mains, via a Water Regulation compliant break tank, or from storage ponds using a pump with built-in filtration. The pumps will be controlled via the irrigation control system. An optional weather station unit can ensure that the watering regime reflects the local temperatures and rainfall patterns.

Our Drip Irrigation Design Expertise

Working from site plans, Access Irrigation are able to produce a drip irrigation system design with costings for any planted bund irrigation project, along with the relevant information for specifiers and contractors.