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Hedge and Tree Watering

Hedges and newly planted trees benefit greatly from irrigation, as it speeds up establishment and reduces specimen losses.

As both trees and hedges require a substantial amount of water to aid establishment, we generally specify drip irrigation systems as they are highly efficient and allow unobtrusive watering even during daylight hours.

Drip Watering for Hedges

Hedges are normally constructed to provide a screen, so it is important to ensure that they establish as quickly as possible. We normally lay drip lines for watering hedges in a single run down the length of the hedge, although for larger hedges, one line of drip irrigation can be laid down each side of the hedge. Drip lines with a close spacing  – typically 0.3m apart – ensure even watering down the entire length of the hedge.

The water supply for the hedge irrigation system can either be provided using an underground supply pipe, or for temporary watering whilst the hedge is establishing, a fitting to connect a hosepipe can be incorporated into the start of the run of drip line.

Drip Watering for Trees

Using drip lines for tree irrigation can provide the required amount of water over a much longer time period than hand watering, reducing run-off and ensuring that the water penetrates more deeply into the soil structure to minimize surface level rooting.

A supply pipe will generally bring water to each tree, with a ring of several meters of drip line placed around the base of each tree, normally with a drip line that has a 0.15m dripper spacing. The number of drippers placed around each tree will be proportional to its size, so for any given watering duration, large trees will receive more water than small trees.

Drip Line Specification

For reliability it is important to use commercial quality drip lines for watering hedges & trees, rather than consumer grade pipes. Commercial grade drip lines are manufactured to very high specifications, and designed to last 10 years. Access do not recommend the use of drip lines made from recycled car tyres, as these can have highly variable outputs, and can very quickly degrade and block.

Access Irrigation specify drip line manufactured by one of the world’s leading drip irrigation companies. The drip line is commercial grade, with high coefficients of uniformity and highly reliable, self cleaning drip nozzles. All drip irrigation system designs use pressure compensated nozzles, ensuring that when used to the manufacturer’s specification, the output for each nozzle will always be the same. For smaller projects, drip line and fittings can be ordered online.

Our Drip Irrigation Design Expertise

Access Irrigation have been providing drip irrigation design for private landscape projects for nearly 30 years, working with many clients in London and the home counties, as well as further afield.

Access draw on this extensive experience to advise your garden designer at the start of the project on the most suitable type of irrigation and will also provide advice on water regulation compliance. We can provide a design of a drip irrigation system along with part and, if necessary, installation costs.