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Natural Water Sources

With water from the public mains becoming increasingly expensive, supplying irrigation from natural sources of water, such as bore holes, wells, rivers and lakes makes sense, especially if you will be using large quantities.

Access supply a range of pumps, filters and irrigation systems to enable you to make use of any natural sources of water nearby, saving you money and helping to conserve mains water.

Using Natural Water Sources

Although free at the point of use, abstracting water from underground or from streams will require regulatory approval if extraction exceeds 20m³ per day. You will generally need to pass abstracted water through a filtration system to remove any suspended particles. Water from natural sources may also require treatment if it has high levels of iron or calcium.

Natural Water Filtration

If you’re using water drawn directly from rivers or lakes, you will need filters with high capacities to remove the higher levels of sediment in the water. With Access, you can do this using submersible pumps with self-flushing screen filters.

Well Water

Depending on the minimum depth of water, irrigation water from wells can either be drawn up using a surface mounted self-priming pump or using a well pump dropped down into the well.

Rivers and Lakes

River & lake water can either be drawn into surface mounted pump units mounted at the water’s edge, or submersible pumps can be placed in the water. You should locate the inlet point away from the water’s edge and ideally draw the water from just below the surface where it is cleanest. We can supply suction baskets and floating inlets to ensure the water is as clean as possible.