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Border Watering

Drip irrigation is an ideal border watering system since it is unobtrusive and highly water efficient. Mini sprinklers can also be used to provide a more visual effect, but use more water and distribute water less evenly.

Access Irrigation’s Drip Lines for Borders

Drip irrigation systems designed by Access Irrigation are designed for a long life in tough, commercial situations. The drippers themselves are built into the pipe, ensuring a smooth outer wall. Drip irrigation systems designed by Access Irrigation use pressure compensated nozzles to ensure that all of the drippers produce the same amount of water regardless of length of pipe or change of elevation. Normal weeding and bed maintenance will not damage the drip lines.

To deter vandalism and provide camouflage, the pipe can be buried beneath bark mulch. Even when installed on the surface, plant growth soon hides the pipe work from sight.

Drip Line Border Irrigation

For reliability it is important the drip irrigation system design specifies commercial quality drip lines for border irrigation projects, rather than consumer grade pipes. Commercial grade drip lines are manufactured to very high specifications and are designed to last for 10 years. Access do not recommend the use of drip lines made from recycled car tyres, as these can have highly variable outputs, and can very quickly degrade and block.

For smaller projects Access have designed a border irrigation drip kit that can be ordered on-line

Mini Sprinklers for Borders

For existing borders, or where you would like a more visually interesting method of watering, mini sprinklers can be used. Typically these are placed every 2 – 3m down the length of the border and are supplied via a single 20mm supply pipe. The water supply to each individual bed can be delivered using tough, underground pipes; or if the watering system is being retro-fitted, then a garden hose connection point can be placed on the bed.


Drip Irrigation Design

Access Irrigation can produce a drip irrigation design for your garden using a sketch plan emailed over to us – just complete the information in the Quote Request Pack. Alternatively for smaller gardens, as well as watering kits, we provide a guide on designing your own watering system.