Irrigation Control Systems

Automated irrigation Control System Supplier

Automated irrigation control systems ensure that watering is always carried out, even when the garden is unattended. If you’re going away on holiday, for example, you can rest assured that your garden will still be watered efficiently. The best time for watering is at dawn. With an irrigation control system, you can simply set the system up to run first thing in the morning, avoiding the need for you to get up early!

Advanced Irrigation Control Systems

For more advanced irrigation systems, sophisticated control systems are available, which allow for multiple time zones to be watered. With this kind of system, you can set different irrigation programmes for lawns and borders, or for different crops.

Irrigation control systems and equipment can be purchased online here. From mains irrigation controllers and weather stations to multi-zone control equipment and accessories, we sell all the equipment you’ll need to ensure your irrigation system waters when yo u need it to.

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