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Planter and Basket Watering

Automating planter & hanging basket irrigation not only saves you hours of time, but makes your floral displays brighter and longer lasting.

Hanging baskets dry out quickly and are difficult to reach, yet require watering 2 or 3 times a day if they are to look their best. Old fashioned drip watering systems use bulky supply pipes which look ugly.

Drip Watering for Planters & Hanging Baskets

Modern pressure compensated drip nozzles, in contrast,  allow water to be supplied to your hanging baskets, planters and window boxes using ultra-slim pipework. For neatness the pipes can be clipped up into the building’s eaves or run along the mortar line.

The drippers are designed to produce a uniform output regardless of how high or low the dripper is placed. The slow, steady drip rate allows the compost to readily absorb the water, minimising run-off, and ensuring your plants benefit from constant irrigation.

Planter & Hanging Basket Irrigation Kits

Access Irrigation produce a range of basket watering kits for small scale installations. For smaller planter and hanging basket irrigation schemes, you can use a simple irrigation timer operated from an outside tap.

For larger garden watering projects the irrigation for your planters and hanging baskets can be operated from the main irrigation controller. Larger projects also allow you to add fertiliser to the water supply to really boost plant growth.