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Feeding is always a problem with hanging baskets as the compost volumes are so small and the regular watering will leach out the nutrients. This hanging basket feeder solves the problem by adding low doses of fertiliser every time you feed. The feeder is connected to the drip irrigation pipework either via hosepipe of small bore pipe.

By adding fertiliser to the basket every time watering takes place, nutrients will ensure excellent growth of the plants and a long and vibrant flowering season. The RHS recommend regular feeding of the hanging baskets to combat the leaching effect of the watering. The hanging basket feeder can also be used on drip system that supply pots, such as pots on the patio or mangers planted up underneath windows.

The hanging basket feeder includes a slow release fertiliser cartridge (NPK 12-12-12), two cartridges should last a season. The first cartridge should be replaced after 2 months as this is when most of the growing takes place. The second fertiliser cartridge will then last the rest of the growing season.

Includes: feeder body with one fertiliser cartridge, 2 adaptors for small bore (3.5 – 4.0mm ID) pipe and two brass quick connectors to allow connection to a garden hose. The feeder should be connected to the watering system after the irrigation timer but before the first dripper on the watering system.

Flow range: 1-200l/h. Max pressure: 4.0bar (58psi)

Use a pressure regulator if you have pressure over 4.0bar.

Hanging Basket Feeder

Feeder system for hanging basket drip systems

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