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Equestrian Dust Suppression

Horse riding arenas and manèges  require watering to suppress dust. Access Irrigation are able to supply equestrian dust control systems for indoor or outdoor use. For more information download our Equestrian Systems  guide.

Dust Control for Indoor Areas

Indoor horse arenas can either be watered using a grid of smaller output sprinklers mounted high up in the roof area, or by half circle sprinklers mounted around the perimeter edge of the arena.

Overhead dust control systems are more suitable for connecting directly to the mains water supply, as they have moderate flow and pressure requirements. Installation however is complicated due to the height of the roofs.

Perimeter sprinkler systems for equestrian dust control keep all of the pipework and sprinklers in an easily serviced position, but normally require rotor sprinklers and a pumped supply, as each sprinkler has to throw the water a considerable distance. We have several packages available for standard layouts.

Dust Suppression for Outdoor Exercise Areas

Outdoor areas are normally watered using sprinklers located around the perimeter. Sprinklers can either be completely buried underground along with the supply pipe, and pop-up when necessary, or can be clipped to the perimeter railing.

Temporary Equestrian Dust Control Systems

For occasional wetting down of manèges  and exercise areas to suppress dust, a series of moveable sprinklers can be run from an outdoor tap, providing it has a good water supply. If the ménage is divided into sections, a run of 3 sprinklers will water an area 30m x 10m wide, the package includes a timer for automated watering at night. Over 6 nights a 60m x 30m manège can be watered.

Water can be supplied from a standpipe provided there is good pressure and flow. These irrigation sprinklers will need to be moved progressively across the ménage – generally the sprinklers will be run for 2-3 hours to place a weeks water (20mm) on each strip before the sprinkler is moved.

For convenience, the sprinklers can be placed on the exercise area in the evening, then an irrigation timer will operate the dust control system during the early hours of the morning.