Original cold frames at Crick

How Access Started

Access was started in the late 1950’s by Mr Graham Pearce, an industrial chemist who had traded chemistry for the ‘good life’ running a small market garden in Crick, Northamptonshire – right in the heart of the UK. To try and get a better price for his strawberries, he designed an innovative glass and steel cold frame with sliding glass sides for easy access – hence our name Access. In fact Access Garden Products still sells Cold Frames and Growhouses and are specialists in Mini Greenhouses.

The sandy soil at Crick caused low strawberry yields and it was decided to concentrate instead on selling the cold frame. Before the invention of the polytunnel, cold frames were a low cost way of growing under glass. As nurseries and growers began to take up the cold frames with enthusiasm, attention was turned to providing irrigation inside the frames. Unhappy with the watering nozzles already available, Mr Pearce used his scientific background to design his own.



Image of original Access Irrigation site

Irrigation Division

The invention of the polythene tunnel caused the company to refocus. Cold frames were then targeted at the keen gardener and the irrigation division was formed to supply growers with irrigation – still in its infancy in the UK

From its horticultural roots, the irrigation division of Access focuses on 3 main areas: horticulture, landscape and more recently green systems including rainwater recycling and green roofs. All systems are designed to the same exacting standards of efficiency and durability as our horticultural irrigation systems.

In 2001 the company launched its highly respected components catalogue, coupling professional quality components with helpful tips and advice.

Sedum on green roof watered by innovative irrigation system only after dry spell

Access Philosophy

Instilled by Mr Pearce in the 1960’s, the philosophy of Access has always been to provide innovative products coupled with good customer service. From advice to supply, Access are able to offer a fast, friendly service backed up by our own specialist design function and dedicated warehouse.


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