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Garden Watering Control

A wide range of irrigation control systems allow you to have precise and automated control over your garden watering.

At the heart of an expertly designed garden watering scheme is a sophisticated control system, able to operate individual watering zones, start and stop irrigation pumps, monitor tank water levels and receive information from an on-site weather station.

For smaller systems, the watering control may be linked to a single bank of solenoid valves(electronic taps that turn the watering to each zone on and off). These can either be located out in your garden in an underground valve chamber, or adjacent to the controller in your utility room or shed.

On more sophisticated garden watering systems, a pump and water storage tank may also be installed to maintain a constant water flow and pressure to the system, along with a number of solenoid chambers in separate locations in the garden.

For weather sensitivity a small weather station can be located in your garden. This will monitor temperature and rainfall and alter your watering programme accordingly.

For very small irrigation schemes, or for DIY projects, garden waterng control systems can be battery operated and either mounted on a tap or in a small valve box in the garden.