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Glasshouse Irrigation

Glasshouses and polythene tunnels need to have efficient irrigation to maximise crop value. The Access range of sprinklers for glasshouse irrigation boast a high co-efficient of uniformity, with computer designed layouts to suit your particular glasshouse or tunnel.

For our glasshouse irrigation systems, we keep droplet sizes on the nozzles small to avoid damaging delicate plants and the precipitation rate is kept low to facilitate easy absorption by the compost. By contrast, old fashioned ‘pin’ irrigation nozzles not only have poor distribution characteristics, but they have very high precipitation rates, causing delicate plants to be damaged and the compost to be compacted.

The spinning nozzle head also eliminates the other great problem of ‘pin’ type nozzles – dry spots caused by dirt or lime build-up.

Access Irrigation can supply complete irrigation kits for tunnels and glasshouses, as well as replacement nozzles to convert from old fashioned nozzles.

To find out more about polythene tunnel or glasshouse irrigation please contact us.