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Car Park Irrigation

Due to their nature, car parks can be difficult to make visually appealing – but with planting the visual impact of surface or multi-storey car parks is softened. However, plants require water, so we design specialist car park irrigation systems to ensure they get the water they need.

Multi-storey Car Park Irrigation

Visual softening of multi-storey car parks normally takes the form of long, narrow planters at each level. A water supply is brought from a centrally located break tank to each planter level using heavy duty pipe work clipped to the roof of the car park deck. Each planter is then fitted with one or more runs of pressure compensated drip line, generally with drippers spaced every 300mm.

For multi level planter systems, generally the pump and tank unit would be located in a basement stairwell, where a riser pipe would bring water up to each level.

For planters that are on all 4 sides of the car park, the irrigation control system can be designed to provide different watering regimes depending on the aspect, with south-facing planters receiving more water than north-facing ones.

Surface Car Parks

End of row island planting and perimeter planting are generally irrigated using pressure compensated drip line, generally laid under a mulch or sub-surface to deter vandalism. During the construction phase of the car park, underground pipework will be brought from a central pump and tank location to each bed. If the planting is being done on an existing car park, connection points can be fitted to allow watering from a pumped water bowser system.

Access are able to advise the architect at the start of the project on the most suitable type of irrigation for each car park design and provide information on compliance with the water regulations. Working from plans, Access Irrigation produce designs and costings for the project, along with any relevant information for specifiers and contractors.

Once the building project commences, Access offer project management services. We will also conduct service visits to ensure that the irrigation system keeps operating as intended.