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Nursery Irrigation

Automation is the key to producing consistently high grade crops profitably. A well designed, fully automatic irrigation system can help you achieve this.

At the heart of any nursery irrigation system is the pump and control equipment. Access’s sophisticated irrigation control systems can apply water to your nursery plants on a timed or volume basis, with rain or light sensors altering the amount of water used.

Pumps can bring water from mains water storage tanks or bore holes. Alternatively, you can use a rainwater harvesting system to supply water to your irrigation.

From the pumps, water is moved around the nursery using a pipe distribution system. Solenoid valves in tunnels, glasshouses and outdoor areas bring water to nursery plants using a variety of drip and sprinkler systems.

Drip Irrigation Design

Drip irrigation systems are designed to minimise water consumption by ensuring that water is brought to each individual plant or tree. Pressure compensated dripper nozzles ensure that the output of the nozzles is consistent. As each drip irrigation nozzle has a low output large areas of drip irrigation can be watered at once.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation systems are designed for smaller pots, either under cover or in standing out beds. Modern low output nozzles provide high uniformity of water distribution and can be fitted a lower levels to reduce wind drift.

Mist Propagation

For the rooting of cuttings and the propagation of seedling, simple mist propagation systems are available. Simple kits are designed to water benches up to 1.5m x 12.5m using either overhead sprinklers or sprinklers on risers. For existing Mist Prop systems a stand alone controller is available.

Our Irrigation Design Expertise

If you would like a nursery irrigation system design and quotation please contact our sales department and ask about our consultancy service.

You can also buy irrigation system parts from our online components store.