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Tennis Court Watering

Both grass and clay tennis courts benefit from irrigation systems to ensure the surface is at its best throughout the entire season.

Our tennis court irrigation systems usually entail using pop-up sports sprinklers located around the perimeter of the court, away from the actual playing surface. The sprinklers are almost completely hidden underground with only the top disc of the sprinkler visible when it is not operating.

Once under pressure, the sprinkler rises out of the ground and waters in a pre-set arc. Corner sprinklers generally water a 90 degree arc and sprinklers down the long edge of the court water in 180 degree arcs. Courts can either be watered individually or in pairs.

Heavy duty underground pipework brings the pressurised water to each sprinkler, and sprinklers are grouped together to reduce watering times – the clay court irrigation system also includes high speed sprinklers to allow damping down of the court between sessions.

The pressures and flows involved mean that a water storage tank and pump unit are required to operate the system. For grass court irrigation systems an automatic controller will allow early morning watering to ensure the court remains playable during the day. For clay courts the irrigation controller can manually trigger a pre-programmed watering cycle as required.

For more information about tennis court irrigation, please contact Access with site plans and possible pump and storage tank locations.