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Irrigation Servicing

Regular servicing of irrigation equipment prolongs service life and reliability

To ensure irrigation systems stay in tip-top condition, Access provide an irrigation servicing programme consisting of 2 or 3 visits as year.

Servicing & Winterisation

As irrigation systems are not normally designed to be run during the winter months, on this servicing visit we drain the pump and ancillary equipment of water, shut off the water flows to the storage tanks and drain supply feeds if necessary, suspend the irrigation programmes and drain water from above ground pipework.

Failure to have the irrigation system properly serviced & winterised can lead to very expensive pump damage due to frost.

Spring Commission Service Visit

On the spring service visit, we bring the irrigation system back into operation, which includes the flushing of pipework, readjustment of nozzles, checking for leakages and programming up of the control panel for early spring operation. We also check the sensors for operation. The irrigation system is now ready for use.

Summer Maintenance Visit

During the summer irrigation maintenance visit, we check all systems, make fine adjustments to the sprinkler arcs and throws, and re-set the panel for summer time operation. Drier or damper areas will indicate any minor changes required on the zone run times.