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Here you’ll find everything you need to build your own sports field irrigation system. From travelling sprinklers to controllers, we have it all. Sports field irrigation system are vital for keeping sports pitches in top condition and combating the wear and tear of constant use. To keep your pitches in the best condition, you will need specialised irrigation equipment, often in the form of travelling sprinkler systems or pop-up sprinklers placed at the perimeter.

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We supply all of your sports field irrigation supplies and components. Whether you’re looking for sprinklers or other sports field irrigation supplies, we have it all in our components warehouse. We sell a range of travelling sprinklers of various sizes, to suit your sports pitch. Our range of pop-up sprinklers are ideal for large expanses of turf. They’re built to cope with the challenges faced by professional sports pitches and the high volumes of water to keep them up to standard. Our range of valve boxes will withstand light vehicular traffic, and our controllers provide automation for complete convenience.

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