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The Rega Rain-King is a large travelling sprinkler designed for sports grounds and large turf areas. The unit pulls itself along a steel cable shutting off automatically at the end of the run.

How to water with the Rain-King

When watering is required the Rain-King Travelling Sprinkler is placed at the far end of the pitch and the steel cable is unwound the length of the pitch and secured to a sturdy post. The travelling sprinkler is then connected to a suitable water supply using 100m of 1″ (25mm) hose to minimise the pressure losses. When the water supply is turned on, the sprinkler will start to slowly travel down the pitch, pulled by the cable. A cable reel mechanism is built into the Rain-King which uses a water powered turbine to pull the unit along. Once the sprinkler has travelled the length of the pitch a shut-off mechanism will turn the water flow to the sprinkler off.

Why water with the Rain-King?

Sports pitches require a lot of water to keep them in good condition. In dry spells, without additional water, the pitch will become brown and patches of grass will scuff away with little change of recovery. In addition, the pitch will be come hard and rutted, making play difficult or even dangerous. It is important to begin watering the pitch at the first sign of a water deficit, as when the pitch becomes too dry it is very difficult to catch back up with the watering.

Watering diameter: 34m – 38m @ 3 – 7 bar (at the unit itself) with a flow of between 3,000 and 4,100 l/h. A pumped irrigation supply is normally required. Use 1″hose to minimise pressure losses. Supplied with 135m steel cable which will require securing at the far end of the run. Waters up to a 183m long run.

The travelling sprinkler has a 3/4″ female thread on inlet so specify FGBM3 male ‘Geka’ type connection to connect to hose. The supply hose will also require a ‘geka’ hosetail to connect to the hosepipe.

Travelling Sprinkler for Amateur Clubs

For amateur clubs who cannot afford a pumped irrigation supply to operate the Rain-King travelling sprinkler, we offer a version with a smaller output sprinkler that will water the pitch in 3 or 4 passes. This can often operate from a good mains water supply.

Please note cover not included. Note: long runs of hose will considerably reduce the pressure, so the tap pressure needs to be higher than the stated operating pressure. Sprinkler systems may not be allowed to operate during a Hosepipe Ban.

Rain-King Travelling Sprinkler

Heavy duty travelling sprinkler for watering sports pitches

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