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Town Centre Irrigation

With the renaissance in leafy town centre squares and traditional tree lined avenues, urban irrigation has become an important element of realising the architect’s dream.

Urban areas are a hostile environment, especially for larger trees, so an irrigation system that can ensure that they have an adequate water supply will enable the planting to thrive whilst keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Large office blocks and corporate headquarters are also enhanced by landscape planting schemes, which need to be kept in pristine condition if clients are to be impressed. An urban irrigation system can keep everything lush and green without high maintenance costs or the problems of trailing hoses.

Tree Watering

Trees are generally contained within defined tree pits, with hard paving at ground level restricting moisture and nutrient access. To ensure valuable specimens thrive in this difficult environment, urban irrigation systems are vital. Normally underground pipework will bring a water supply to each tree pit, and a drip line will be laid on the soil surface, beneath the tree grid. Fertiliser can also be added into the irrigation system to promote establishment.

Grassed Squares

Grassy squares in a town or city centre provide a wonderful amenity for local residents and workers, but the constant traffic makes it difficult for the grass to recover. A pop-up irrigation system will provide a regular water supply to the lawns, whilst ensuring no equipment is exposed to vandals between waterings.


High level planters can be watered using supply pipes clipped to the wall, with either individual drippers or short lengths of drip line bringing water to the plants. For stand-alone planters, supply pipes need to be installed underground.

Our Expertise

Access Irrigation have been providing irrigation systems for commercial landscape and city centre irrigation projects for nearly 30 years, working on many high profile town centre schemes.

Access Irrigation advise the architect at the start of the project on the most suitable type of irrigation and provide information on compliance with the water regulations. Using scale plans, we are able to produce designs and costings for the project, along with the relevant information for specifiers and contractors.

Once the project commences we provide project management services. Once commissioned, Access Irrigation also offer service visits to ensure that the irrigation system keeps operating as intended.