The Advantages of a Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

In this article we look at the advantages of a Wi-Fi irrigation controller. We will see how being able to…

Hanging baskets with flowers watered by watering kit with drippers and ultra slim black pipe


Feeding Plants with a Hose Fertiliser Feeder

Water is essential for plants but sometimes they need a boost that water alone can’t provide. Plants can get goodness…

Hunter X2 Controller with Outdoor Cabinet


Remote controlled Irrigation Systems

Remote controlled irrigation systems Having an automated irrigation system is fantastic, but what is even better is being able to…

Hose connector on tap


Types of Hose Connector

A choice of Hose Connector options When you are using hose, you want to be sure that you always have…

Metal wall hanger for hosepipe


Hose Reels and Hose Trolleys

We supply a large range of hose reels and hose trolleys, which are suitable for a wide variety of situations.…

Hunter MP rotator pop-up sprinkler watering flower planted borders


Garden Sprinkler Systems for Flower Borders

It’s essential that your cherished flowers and plants receive enough water, as flowers will bloom more abundantly, and plants will…

Hanging baskets with flowers watered by watering kit with drippers and ultra slim black pipe


Irrigation System for Hanging Baskets and Patio Pots

Irrigation system for hanging baskets and patio pots - take away the chore of watering by hand [caption id="attachment_44190" align="alignright"…

Hunter wireless Rain-Click sensor for weather sensitive watering


Irrigation Importance of Weather Sensors

Introducing the benefits of a weather sensor Having an automated irrigation system is fantastic, but the addition of a sophisticated…

Access Irrigation technician servicing and repairing football pitches irrigation system


Irrigation Spring Essentials – Service Details

Regular Maintenance is Essential It is essential that your irrigation system is fully maintained at all times, to ensure that…

Lush planting on intensive green roof and ground level borders at Maggies Centre Yorkshire. Irrigation system designed and installed by Access Irrigation.


Benefits of Green Roof Planting

There are a considerable number of benefits to be gained by planting a green roof. These benefits can be categorised…

Image of grass, flowers and plants in the garden being watered by irrigation system


RHS Report – Gardening in a Changing Climate

RHS have recently produced a report to explain the impact of climate change and what impact this has on gardening.…

Irrigation solenoid valves in underground valve box with a lid


Introducing an Automated Garden Irrigation System

Are you tired of watering your garden by hand during the long, hot summers? Are you fed up with your…