Hedge Irrigation Kit - drip watering system for hedges

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Watering Hedges and Trees

Are you tired of seeing your hedges and trees drying out during summer and looking wilted and brown when they…

Lawn areas being watered by pop-up sprinkler irrigation system

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Lawn Watering with Garden Sprinklers

[caption id="attachment_33700" align="alignright" width="390"] Pop up lawn sprinkler for garden and landscape watering[/caption] Are you tired your lawn looking brown…

Flowers and plants in garden borders watered by mini border sprinkler kit

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Ways to Water Your Flower Borders

We Supply a Range of Systems to Suit All Needs It’s essential that your cherished flowers and plants receive enough…

Valve Box Link Kit consists of 2-way brass manifold that screws onto the outdoor tap. Allows underground valve boxes to be connected to an outdoor tap with a permanent piped connection

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Irrigation Manifolds for Automated Watering

Manifolds are essential for splitting your irrigation system into separate zones Using an automated irrigation system to water your garden…

Hunter PGP Ultra Pop up Sprinkler - heavy duty sprinkler for large domestic lawn areas

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Choosing Popup Lawn Sprinklers

Are you fed up with your lawn looking brown and dry during the summertime when it should be lush and…

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The Advantages of a Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

In this article we look at the advantages of a Wi-Fi irrigation controller. We will see how being able to…


T-tape Take-off Drawing (PDF)

Irrigation Control Systems

Underground valve box options (PDF)

Garden Watering Leaflets

Mini-sprinkler Take-off Drawing (PDF)

Hanging baskets with flowers watered by watering kit with drippers and ultra slim black pipe

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Feeding Plants with a Hose Fertiliser Feeder

Water is essential for plants but sometimes they need a boost that water alone can’t provide. Plants can get goodness…

Green Roof Drawing – Large (PDF)

Green Roof Drawing – Small (PDF)