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Tree Irrigation

Trees consume large amounts of water, so it is important to ensure that they can be regularly watered while they are establishing. Regular tree irrigation is also important if the trees are located in hostile environments such as town squares or in tree pits, as it is difficult for the trees to form the root structure they need to find water.

Hand watering of trees is difficult, even when there has been provision for water points adjacent to the root ball. Although this allows an operator to push a hose down into the root ball, it is difficult to get sufficient quantities of water into the root area in a short time.

Drip Watering for Trees

Using drip irrigation lines for tree irrigation can provide the required amount of water over a much longer time period than hand watering. By watering the trees over a longer time frame the output of the tree irrigation can be kept low – ensuring the water is readily absorbed into the root ball.

When trees are placed in their own tree pit, a supply pipe will bring the water supply to each pit. A ring of Permadrip drip irrigation lineis designed to be wrapped around the base of the tree. Larger trees have longer lengths of drip pipe containing more drippers, allowing smaller and larger trees to be watered in the same irrigation zone.

Drip Irrigation for Hedges

Hedges are normally constructed to provide a screen, so it is important to ensure that these establish as quickly as possible. A drip line is normally laid in a single run down the length of the hedge, although for larger hedges one line of drip irrigation can be laid down each side of the hedge.

Drip Line Specification

For reliability it is important to specify commercial quality drip linesfor projects, rather than consumer grade pipes. Commercial grade drip lines are manufactured to very high specifications. The design life on the drip line is 10 years. Access do not recommend the use of drip lines made from recycled car tyres, as these can have highly variable outputs, and can very quickly degrade and block.

We specify drip line manufactured by one of the world’s leading drip irrigation companies. The drip line is commercial grade, with high coefficients of uniformity and highly reliable, self cleaning drip nozzles.

All drip lines are pressure compensated ensuring that, when used to the manufacturers specification, the output for each nozzle will always be the same. For smaller projects, drip line and fittings can be ordered online, or complete border watering kits can be supplied.

Drip Irrigation Design for Trees – Our Role

Access Irrigation have been providing drip irrigation system design for tree irrigation for for nearly 30 years, working on many high profile town centre schemes.

At the start of the project, Access are able to advise the architect on the most suitable type of tree irrigation system for each scheme and provide information on  water regulation compliance. Working from plans, Access Irrigation produce a drip irrigation designs and prices for the project, along with the relevant information for specifiers and contractors.

We provide full project management services, and following completion of the project, we’ll conduct service visits to ensure smooth running of the irrigation system.