Drip Irrigation Line

You might have heard drip irrigation described as “micro irrigation”, “trickle irrigation” or “localised irrigation”. Where many irrigation systems involve spraying a large area with water, drip irrigation is a highly controlled process that allows water to slowly drip to the very roots of plants. Through only using exactly the amount of water that is required, and through directly targeting the part of the plant that needs the water the most, this ingenious method saves on both water and fertiliser.

Drip watering systems can normally be used during a hosepipe ban, provided they are operated by a timer.

Drip Irrigation Line
Our drip irrigation equipment is ideal for either surface or subsurface use. A surface drip irrigation line will apply water to the soil surface, allowing it to sink slowly down to the root of the plant. A subsurface drip irrigation line, on the other hand, will target the plant’s root zone directly, having been either temporarily or permanently buried.

An important component of drip irrigation equipment is the nozzle. For optimum results, they are pressure compensated to ensure a uniform output of water. To reduce blockages, they also have a self-flushing function. Other drip irrigation line accessories in our range include the air/vacuum relief valve, which prevents dirt from entering the system, and the leakage prevention device for sloping sites.

To guarantee years of steady and reliable use, we only ever use professional quality components. A best-seller in our range is the Permadrip Pro, a high quality heavy duty commercial drip irrigation line. It features a durable thick pipe wall and a sophisticated nozzle structure. Accessories include 0.5m and 0.3m spacing, both of which can be bought as cost effective bulk orders.

We offer free deliveries on all orders over £100*, and most of our drip irrigation equipment will be delivered in 3-5 days. For urgent orders, our Priority Dispatch service uses a 24 hour driver to deliver your components as soon as possible.
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