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Dripline anchorage pegs are sturdy barbed plastic soil anchorage pegs designed to hold drip watering line or above ground irrigation pipe down to the ground.

The pegs are manufactured from polyethylene and have reinforcing ribs to allow the peg to be pushed into the ground. The ribs have barbs to resist the upward pull of the pipe pulling the pegs out again. the hook will accept 16mm of 20mm LDPE irrigation pipe.

Dripline is recommended as a water efficient method of watering borders and flower beds. Pegging irrigation dripline down to the ground is a crucial step in ensuring efficient water distribution and minimizing water loss in landscaping and agricultural applications. By securing the dripline with pegs or stakes, it remains in place, preventing movement due to wind or foot traffic. This ensures consistent water delivery to plant roots, promoting healthy growth and reducing water wastage. Additionally, pegging the dripline helps maintain a tidy and organized appearance in the landscape while also protecting the system from damage. Overall, this simple yet effective technique enhances the effectiveness and longevity of irrigation systems, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

Dripline anchorage pegs technical specifications

  • Fit pegs every 0.5 – 1.0M.
  • Fits 16mm or 20mm drip line or low density irrigation pipe.
  • Recommended spacing: 1m apart on straight runs of drip line, closer together where drip line is curved.
  • Available in packs of 25 and 100.

Note: Soil stakes are brown.

Dripline Anchorage Pegs

Sturdy and secure anchorage pegs for dripline up to 20mm diameter

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